Reverend Rickardo Taylor, Sr., Pastor | 1620 S. St. Joseph Street  South Bend, Indiana  46613 | 574.287.1451
Our Present

The Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church is known for its tireless and relentless efforts in the
South Bend community. During the 14-year tenure at Mount Carmel, Pastor Taylor has provided
the leadership and guidance for many seeds to be sown and the vision for many previous
prayers to manifest into blessings. These bountiful blessings are evident in the tremendous
growth of Mount Carmel, both in spirit and in numbers. Mount Carmel is a growing and vibrant
church within the Saint Joseph County region. Our church currently partners with several local
businesses and associations within the community in an effort to make a drastic impact. Mount
Carmel, University of Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s College, South Bend Tribune, Bethel College,
and The King Center have partnered together to offer the annual Swing Like a Girl softball clinic
each summer. Other partnerships and collaborations include the city of South Bend Mayor’s
Office, South Bend Firefighters, and Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center. As a church that
believes in spiritual well-roundedness there are many options to participate including the Youth
Ministries, Drama Ministry, Step Team, Men's Ministry, Sign Team, Health & Wellness Ministry
and a host of other ministries. All share the unified purpose of reaching and teaching others
about Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
About US

We are known for by not what we take in, but by what we give out. Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church is located in South Bend, Indiana
and has been a glowing light on the Southeast side of South Bend for over 40 years. Since 1970, Mount Carmel has grown from just a few
families to well over 1000 members. It is with God’s grace that we have remained a pillar in the community and with His mercy we will continue
to serve His flock throughout the city where we have been planted. The Mount Carmel ministry offers numerous programs with the sole
purpose of impacting the lives of local families, school-aged children, college students, and seniors in the community. Our passion is win souls
to the kingdom of Christ. It is our practice and belief that in order to Affect the World, each child of God must be well-equipped with God’s
word, possess an intimate relationship with Him, and be free to worship God in multiple settings. Our mission is to Affect the World, One by
One. Our hope is for you to be Carmelized.
Our Past

Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church was established on January 3, 1970, when
Reverend E.J. Plummer met with potential members for the purpose of organizing and
establishing a church. The initial home for Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church was 310
W. Monroe St. and Reverend E.J. Plummer served as the pastor for two full years. Mount
Carmel has been blessed with exceptional leaders, all of which were strong men of God;
Reverend D.T. Taylor, Reverend R.H. Derrickson, and Reverend Rayvon Bufkin. The Mount
Carmel family was grateful to God for each of those reputable ministers, and the direction
and foundation that they each contributed to the history and longevity of Mount Carmel
Missionary Baptist Church. It is evident that during these formative years many prayers were
laid and many blessings answered for the benefit of Mount Carmel and its congregation.
Our future

Our future is 1620 South Saint Joseph Street. Mount Carmel, a
temple of God on the move to become the beacon of the southeast
side of South Bend, IN. July 3, 2012 marked the groundbreaking
ceremony for our vision of building a world-class facility. Phase I of
the building project will move the Mount Carmel sanctuary from
Indiana Avenue and Saint Joseph Street to the church’s former Unity
Garden location of Dubail and Saint Joseph Street. The future for
this congregation has been outlined and blessed by God. The vision
has been received and nourished by God’s people. The foundation
is being laid with God’s instructions to witness and save souls.